Thursday, December 10, 2009

13 of 1 Million Poems

I see him in everyone.
A smiling ghost.
Stood in front.
A fading spectre of a moment that never could be.

- samuraiacid

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

12 of 1 Million Poems

On Closure,

The phone
rings, and...

- a winged thing

11 of 1 Million Poems


Adrift in my abyss, anxiety chokes me
Beneath my boundaries
In the depths of my depression
In the solitude of my silence
I'm exasperated, engulfed in my envy

- Kandice Bush

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

10 of 1 Million Poems


Rupture my world
Fail my wings
Thus I can’t fly
To the earth I fall
My petite world
Ever so big becoming small
To it all and else
I descend from height
Neigh and never
To be or not
I whisper goodbye.

- Jodie Speedy

9 of 1 Million Poems

I only like nonsense for breakfast
But often have it for lunch, dinner
And on some Thursdays for snacks
I disapprove and yet persist

- Sylvie Beauvais

8 of 1 Million Poems

I sell roses to the future
I make love to the past
I carve tiny little turtles
They run so fast
They run so fast

- Charlotte Roos

7 of 1 Million Poems

When I’m with you
cupcakes seethe with flavor.
I’m like people I hate,
spraying sunshine as if it were mace.
I want you to maul me.

- Laura Spagnoli